LIST OF CHARACTERS [Note to be added.]


A true daughter of Peter    [Vera Petrovna]
A spectral presence, she died ten years before the action takes place.

John Peter Vinnicombe    [Ivan Petrovich Voinitskii]
Her brother.

Sophie Silversmith (Sunny)    [Sofya Aleksandrevna (Sonya)]
Her daughter.

Lady Marie Vinnicombe    [Mariya Vasilyevna Voinitskaya]
Her mother.

Sir Alexander Silversmith    [Aleksandr Vladimirovich Serebryakov]
Professor emeritus, her widower.

Helen Silversmith    [Yelena Andreyevna]
A young friend, now her husband's second wife, aged 27 years.

Michael Ludwig Astor    [Mikhail Lvovich Astrov]
Her family physician, now a consultant surgeon.

Marina Timothy-Ivana (Nanny)    [Marina Timofeyevna]
Her family's old nanny.

Eli Enoch Farm-Carter (Crumbly)    [Ilya Ilyich Telyegin (Vaflya)]
Former owner of her estate, still living there as a dependent.

A servant, a nightwatchman and his dog.


The action takes place on the Silversmith estate
in Devon, England, in the Spring and Autumn of 1996.